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It sounds better when we say it.

Who are we? 

A small copywriting + editing company that helps you get the right message to your customers.

Who works with us?

  • "Our marketing team needs a hand"

    • We can write copy, spruce up, and proof content alongside your existing team.

  • "I wrote some stuff and it's terrible"

    • Our ideal client! The best copy is grounded in your experience. We'll take your drafts transform them.

  • "We just need someone we can come to with copy projects."

    • We're open to long-term agreements, retained or a bit more informal. 

  • "We need a kickoff rockstar unicorn genius writer that will GRIND and work on awesome commission"​

    • Go away.  ​


Welcome to our site. :)

How can we help you?


Web content. Blog posts. Email campaigns. Adverts. Product descriptions.  

You get the idea. 


Whatever you've done to your poor pages, we make it better.


We work with translation agencies and anyone else whose content needs looked over.


All the collateral to support your content marketing efforts: blog posts, case studies, on-page SEO, and more. 

Cameron Martel, Director, SimplifiedSEO. 

Across tens of thousands of words and numerous complete projects, work was delivered on-time, on-budget, and with a degree of competency and professionalism rarely seen when working with freelancers.  

Emilien Coquard, CEO,
The Scalers

Jake is a brilliant writer and marketer. He went above and beyond to understand our business and create engaging material for us.

Steve Bernat, CEO, 

We hired Jake for a website copywriting project: he did an exceptional job for us. He took input about our product and needs and created outstanding copy in just the style we were looking for.


We're really pleased. We'll definitely work with him again.

Don't be a stranger

To chat about a project or to see if we can help your business, 
just shoot us a message. 

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